Terms and Conditions :

#1 Guarantees:

That Canvas Guy guarantees all work for 3 years. If you have not had issues in the first 3 years you should not have any problems other than wear and tear.

#2 No refunds:

Once you make a Deposit on a Job or work to be done there are no refunds. That Canvas Guy strives to get everone done on time, however since we are a 1 to 2 man business and we care about the quality of work that we do, we are not always able to start and finish on time. Due to winds and weather here in South Florida, or the present client wants something more added or changed, we are sometimes pushed back. We do understand that you want the contracted work done as soon as possible and we are working to make that happen. We have never faultered in getting the job done. All of our clients are happy in the end...

#3 Boating Season:

As you may know the boating season is quite busy starting around Late December, so please be patient We are super busy until August - September. If you want to order work to be done, this is the time to do it... Otherwise mid boatine season there is generally a wait time of anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks or 8 to 10 weeks. and with weather that can go longer depending on time or year and weather.

#4 Holidays:

Holidays and weekends are not considered part of the Schedule, so please understand we all have families.

#5 Rush Work:

If you want a job done fast or a rush, order it ahead of time, not mid boating season. If you do want it fast, expect a charge to be added or a higher price in general.